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WASPS may be a pest at a the barbeque, but give them their due - they build the most fantastic homes! The queen wasp builds a nest from chewed up pieces of wood (sometimes you can see coloured paint mixed in). Just like a multi-storey car park, layer upon layer of of cells are added where the

Flying & Crawling Insects

FLIES have disgusting eating habits. When they find something to eat, be it dog poo or pizza, they vomit acid bile which helps to digest it. They also stamp over it and usually pee on it to. Needless to say, they carry lots of bacteria on their hairy feet which end up on your pizza if you let them.

Even if they do not have  sting, flying insects can cause all sorts of problems for humans.

queen lays her eggs. The whole structure is surrounded by paper mache. These nests are used only once with a new one being built in the spring. Most of the wasps die in the autumn with only the larger queen wasps surviving.

HONEY BEES are important as they pollinate our crops. They are also kept for their honey which they make from nectar.

Honey bees also make beautiful homes. Instead of wood pulp they use wax which is made by their bodies.

Bees often nest in houses particularly Chimneys and Roofs. If undisturbed they can grow very large with 1000’s of bees. Each summer a young queen bee will leave the nest with some of the worker bees to set up a new home. These swarms can be caught and given to Bee Keepers.

This picture shows a wild comb with the cells clearly visible. Some cells are used to breed new bees and others used to store food. This allows the bees to survive over winter.

Other species of insects which can cause us problems are MOTH Larvae which eat carpets and clothes and BEETLES which live in and eat flour, pulses and biscuits. Also ANTS and COCKROACHES which will always make their way to where our food is.